dintorni 01Villa Verità is located in Arbizzano di Valpolicella, only ten minutes out of Verona city centre, at the foothills covered by woods and sourrounded by vineyards and olive trees. The Valpolicella extends from the north west of Verona to the Eastern Alps, an area comprising many small valleys of peaches, cherry trees, and vines, where historical villas and churches can be admired. It is renowned for excellent wines (, amongst which the most famous are Amarone and Recioto, and for its local cuisine.
dintorni 02The beautiful countryside has attracted visitors since the Roman times (remains of a Roman villa were found in S. Pietro in Cariano); since then many magnificent villas have been built, particularly since the Medieval age, used by noble families as country residences. More than half of them are now registered as Ville Venete.

In Arbizzano, of Roman origin, is interesting to see the Church of St. Peter, the site of which dates from 417 AD. The fine main entrance and arches found on the existing church structure are dated before 1050. On the side of an altar can be admired part of a Tuscan woodwork painted where 35 Saints accompany the Madonna.

Near the centre of Arbizzano, the magnificent Villa Bertani built in 1750, lies immersed in a park, surrounded by vineyards and springwaters, where a number of foot paths lead to beautiful countryside walks.

In the neighbouring valleys are the villages of  NegrarFumaneMarano, places renowned for wine and for cherry orchards which during spring time offer unforgettable views, and again historical villas, roman churches, and picturesque villages can be admired.

Some 20km to the north east, the Park of Lessinia offers mountain sports and beautiful valleys, while towards the north west the magnificent lake Garda can be explored for relaxing swimming, walks and sightseeing to appeal to any age (

dintorni 03Verona city centre is only 10 minutes away by car or 15 minutes by bus; the bus stop is just outside the Villa Verità. Verona, Unesco world heritage site, home of Juliet and Romeo and the famous Arena with the Opera Festival, attracts lovers of the arts, of history and culture as well as those wishing to enjoy shopping, eating and relaxing. The world famous open air Roman Arena of Verona, second in size only to the Coliseum in Rome, every summer hosts the Opera, which attracts thousands of tourists to see AidaCarmenMadam Butterfly etc.

Not to be missed are the nearby cities of Mantua (35 Km), famous for the historical beautiful buildings of the Gonzaga family, the Palladium villas in Vicenza (50 Km), the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua (70 Km) and of course the magical and unforgettable Venice (100 Km), which can easily be reached in just over an hour either by car or using the frequent train service from Verona which leads straight into the heart of the city.

For those who love walking and hiking around the countryside, or riding a bicycle the Valpolicella is the ideal place as it is completely immersed in countryside with both historical and natural sites of interest, such as the Ponte Veja, a natural stone bridge found at the top of mount Corno D'Aquilio, the Spluga della Preta, a natural tunnel which runs deep under the mountain, the Sengia Sbusa, a monolith on the hills of Negrar, the prehistoric Caves of Prun, and the waterfalls of Molina. There are other interesting walks along the river Adige, the Mincio river not far from Arbizzano, or the longest river in Italy, the Pò. To the north are the beautiful mountains and Dolomiti in Trentino, famous for its winter ski resorts and its beautiful green valleys.

The Valpolicella is known for its best local restaurants and wine producers, where you can buy directly wines like Amarone and Recioto and many other high quality local products assisted and welcomed by the hospitable local people.